There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about a real typewriter, isn’t there?

No plugs, no charging, and (crucially in my case) no backspace key. Writing on a typewriter forces you to be more mindful about what you’re doing, and really think about each word. Especially when, if you don’t pay attention, you can accidentally run out of paper and type on the drum itself…!

Ink Drops stationery subscription box - Oliver Typewriter |

We love typewriters so much we made one into our logo, made one a focal point of our Subscribe page. Then last year launched the Typewriter Duo.

Typewriter Duo stationery bundle by Ink Drops stationery subscription boxes |

Meant to be together

When we spotted the fabulous teal typewriter on a card and a tiny notebook in the same shape and shade, we couldn’t resist putting them together.

A treat for yourself and a card for a vintage-loving friend’s birthday? Or let someone else have the joy of receiving the duo. We’ll even handwrite your message in the card if you want to.

(This has got me out of several sticky forgotten-birthday situations in the past!)

The little keyring notebook, while at first glance a novelty item, is actually surprisingly useful. I keep mine in the inside zipper pocket of my handbag, and as my bullet journal is a bit hefty for my everyday bag, it’s amazing how often a piece of paper is needed!

I’m also very fond of using a real typewriter to write letters to friends. My favourite is the burgundy Oliver in the first photo of this post, currently fitted with a purple ribbon!

They probably think I’m mad, and it does involve more swearing than other communication methods. But it feels more personal and thoughtful than typing on my laptop and printing it off. And is very possibly easier to read than my hasty scrawl when I’m handwriting in a hurry!

Declare your love for days gone by – order your Typewriter Duo today!