If think you might have a bit of a thing for stationery you’re not alone.

Did you fill in the Big Stationery survey that the Pen Company were running as part of National Stationery Week? Carla and I did and were keen to see what the results were. Clearly, anyone completing the survey was going to have more than a passing interest in stationery. So how would their views differ from ours?

Over 40% said that they loved stationery a bit more than they should do compared to the hardcore 23.9% who said it was their life. Presumably, the other 30% had only a limited interest pens/notebooks/planners (the fools!) but couldn’t resist an online survey!

People are most enthusiastic about pens (that’s Carla in good company) but notebooks were second (vital for my compulsive list-making).

I was sad to hear that 33% don’t write letters because they have no one to write to but delighted to hear that 95.1% keep some or all of the personal mail they receive. Doesn’t that make you want to write a letter? The 74% who send thank you cards was a bit impressive too (aren’t we a polite lot?).

I also liked the top stationery memories which included writing to Father Christmas (emails don’t count), buying stationery for the new school year (an ingrained habit even years after leaving full-time education) and letters from a loved one who was away from home.

To see the full results pop over to the Pen Company website.