Writing with:

Annastasia: My lovely Bookaroo ballpoint which has a good weight in my hand, writes in black ink and has a green barrel that looks seriously good against the marble cover of my Passion Planner.

Carla: I’ve gone all sensible and ordered hybrid ink refills for all my favourite ballpoint pens,  – which are mostly colourful pens of various makes. It’s a little bit cheaper and a lot more eco-friendly, and my two current favourites are the smooooooooth one and the bright turquoise one!

Current planner:

Annastasia: My Passion Planner is still working but I now have a big notebook (for long notes) and a smaller notebook (with an adorable powder blue cover) for shorter notes. I’m not sure how I know if it will be a shorter note or a longer note when I start but somehow I do.

Carla: After six weeks of travelling, house guests, sorting family life admin and unexpected visits from family friends, I’ve utterly lost track of everything planning related and am just taking each day as it comes with hope! I’ve just about kept up with my sticker journal, but for actual planning, am just hanging onto sanity by a thin thread with my day-per-page diary which has lists in. I’ll see what I’ve reverted to by the next State of Desk!

This month’s beverage of choice:

Annastasia: Nettle tea has become my go-to because it’s great at warding off hayfever. 

Carla: Still fizzing everything I can get my hands on, including re-fizzing flat cider (foamy but excellent) and attempting to fizz clementine juice (not so effective). 

Recent read:

Annastasia: I devoured ‘The Party Crasher’ by Sophie Kinsella after buying it on our second-hand book buying trip. 

Carla: I managed to get through two whole Katie Fforde books set in the 1960s on writing retreat in March, and have read exactly nothing since 🙁 On my bedside table awaiting a moment of calm: Atomic Habits, Untamed and a beautiful children’s book about hares. 

Can’t stop thinking about:

Annastasia: Summer things! On warm mornings, I like to open the french doors and sit on the threshold as I sip my morning tea. It can’t be long until this becomes a regular feature of my day again.

Carla: My annual weekend away with my uni girls is coming up, and after two years when we couldn’t go, the Cotswolds and a couple of long, lazy afternoons catching up with them is keeping me going through the admin and website mountain. Also, cliched but true, spring flowers and fluffy bees – everywhere I go I notice new buds and blossom and bees stuffing their faces!