Writing with:

Annastasia – Bic Soft Feel in fun colours are my current obsession. They write so nicely and the colours (green, pink, turquoise and purple) make my planner look all kinds of pretty and coordinated. I’m reminding Carla on a daily basis that we need to add these to a monthly selection. 

Carla – With all the planning and plotting that goes on in January, the pen that’s had the most use is my brass Kaweco Sport fountain pen. It’s a lovely solid weight and smooth enough to keep up with the speed of my thoughts!

Current planner:

Annastasia – I’m still using a Passion Planner but have switched to a large dated weekly this year. Last year I had a medium. It’s not so portable due to the weight but the extra space for writing and stickers is great.

Carla – Working with seven different planners this year in an attempt to keep the focus on one part of my life at a time, but my favourite one is definitely the end-of-day journal I’m filling with stickers and a few sentences at the end of each day.

This month’s beverage of choice:

Annastasia – Bird and Blend Snowball. The perfect cosy day tea.

Carla – I’ve just discovered I like black tea and am drinking it at every opportunity. It only took Annastasia eleven years to convince me to try it!

Recent read:

Annastasia – I’m reading my way through the Dexter novels by Jeff Lindsay. There are eight in the series which means I can just reach for the next one as I finish.

Carla – Bird Cottage by Eva Meijer was one of those magical books which I picked up by accident and absolutely loved. It’s based on a real person so the books she wrote are also now on my wishlist.

Can’t stop thinking about:

Annastasia – My new Poooli printer. It was a lovely Christmas gift and I’m taking it everywhere for printing on the go. Once I’ve printed things I’m using highlighters to decorate them and then tape them into my planner. It feels creative in such a lovely, small, manageable way.

Carla – Cosiness. From fairy lights in my studio to the heated throw which has rapidly become my favourite object, I’m on a mission to make my office and studio as comfortable and cosy as my home!

Goals for the month:

Annastasia – I’ve got a space for three goals in my planner. Rather than fill it up immediately I’m adding during the month as I find time to do things. I’ve got a list of 2022 things that I can look at for inspiration. However, right now my big focus is on clearing my desk. Indeed, it’s vanished under unfiled paperwork, pens, folders, receipts, catalogues, magazines and bits of tech. I cautiously lifted a pile of stuff the other day and there was a corkscrew under it! Action is needed. So spending some time on it each day is something I’m committed to. I might actually be working at it by the Spring.

Carla – Having written all my goals for the year down, I’m actually finding choosing just a few for each month is a much more manageable way to do things. At the moment I’m mainly aiming to average 7.5 hours of sleep a night (rather than the 4 I have been surviving on), to have a little bit of time each day set aside to stay on top of the housework mountain, and to write at least twice a week.