Spring always has a wonderfully restorative effect on me. Even with losing the hour, I find myself more awake, energetic and full of life as the days get longer and the endless darkness of winter gives way to brightness. And on days like today, where my little riverside village has been decidedly overcast, but still not cold, and there is still natural light coming through my studio window as I write this at almost 7pm.

Spring makes me think of gentle mornings followed by ambling days; pots of tea or tall glasses of lemonade shared with friends;. Of flinging the windows open to air my home. And a hundred other, probably hugely cliched, lovely things which can only happen once the temperatures rise.

So here’s my round up of things that are currently making me sigh with pleasure over my morning cuppa, and are extremely high on my wish list…

Picnic time!

This picnic basket just makes me want to eat outdoors all the time! It’s stripey, and blue, and also has a cooler compartment – what’s not to love?!

Somewhere to rest my mug

For home, I can’t think of a better way to bring spring indoors than with these cherry blossom coasters:

A jug that belongs on a boat

This jug makes me really happy. At home serving friends or homing flowers, it looks like it belongs on a narrowboat and I adore it.

Bells on her toes (almost)

This beautiful anklet is joyfully simple. And far more subtle than the one I made last year with lots of bells. You could hear me coming miles off! But anklets represent spring and summer, and bare feet in squidgy grass, and tales told by the fireside on the beach…

A message in chalk

And finally, a chalkboard tea tray. I hate chalk, but when I stay at my parents’, I often take Mum tea in bed. I love the idea of being able to write her a little note along with her tea.

What’s on your spring wishlist?