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Links for May 2017 | | stationery by subscription

We hear rumours that May is going to be delightfully warm. So we’ll resist the urge to rip up our job lists and head off to the park. We’re pretty certain you still want to get the stationery you ordered delivered! However, there’s still potential for embracing the joys of being outside. Specifically, we’re thinking that Wi-Fi that can be accessed from the garden is a wonderful thing. We’ll try to avoid getting grass stains on the envelopes…

Links to distract you in May (consider reading in the park…)

Who doesn’t love a good list? And if the list belongs to someone else it’s like having a look inside their head. These grocery and shopping lists are an intriguing peek into other lives.

We all want to reduce stress and live happier lives. While the Simply Stepping web site won’t resolve everything there are some lovely posts covering things like stress-relieving journal prompts, a worry cloud and a section on self-kindness.

The dead days between Christmas and New Year are the time for tidying your office. Or so some might say. I’d agree but there’s something about sunlight across your desk that makes you determined to get your desk under control. Gretchen Rubin has some useful tips for office clutter. Then you’ll be able to head out into the sunshine feeling that you’ve done something useful.

And on the subject on clearing clutter – what do you do with your old stamps? Do you cut them out and put them to one side with plans to do something useful with them at some point? Post Crossing has details of a charity in Germany that can make use of them and chances are similar initiatives will exist in your part of the word.

Enjoy May. Make the most of the sunshine (if it happens!) and even more make the most of your time wherever you find yourself.

P.S. If you fancy some new stationery this month how about treating yourself to ‘It’s a Stick Up’? Everyone loves stickers and they’re perfect for livening up letters, notebooks and folders