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Links round up for June|

How’s summer been for you so far? The longest day isn’t that far away so at Ink Drops Towers we’re making the most of bright mornings and light evenings. The Progressive Greetings Live! is a trade show we love to attend. As ever it was brilliant and we found some amazing cards, postcards and stickers for you. Somehow there’s also been time to go to a clothing swap, hang out at a pool party and talk about (but not actually get round to) car washing.

Here are monthly distractions for you

Surprisingly, stationery can be a weapon! It’s all very A-Team! This book has some pretty amazing ideas on what you create with a paperclip and rubber band.

Do you keep a commonplace book? Ryan Holiday has some interesting thoughts on why you should.

We love it all but reckon the pencil shaving poster would look great adorning the walls at Ink Drops Towers

Handwriting is important

Plan a summer crafternoon now

Have a delightful June and eat all the strawberries and ice cream

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