links for July 2017 |

We’re past the longest day so no excuses! Get out there and do that summer stuff. Get round to all the activities you said, back in January, that you’d do when summer arrived and the weather was warm. Carla has been making more of an effort to sit in her garden while I’m definitely washing the car this week…

If you need to make excuses for a few more minutes then what better reason for procrastination than reading the below?

Procrastination for July is right this way…

Wealth shouldn’t just be about money. Hence we were rather enthralled by the San Miguel Rich list

Taking photos this summer? Apparently, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are an actual thing. Have a look at the 2016 finalists and get your entry in for 2017 by the end of September.

The eyes have it! If you prefer your photography subjects to stay in one place but be just as cute have a look at this Instagram account

Looking for a museum to visit this summer? The Postal Museum opens in new premises in Farringdon on 28 July.

Have a joyful July!

P.s. thinking of writing a few letters while you’re on your summer break? Grab a Say Hello selection to take with you