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We’re alternatively glorying in the delicious heat (sarong instead of a dressing gown, embracing the slower pace that the temperature insists on) and thinking that maybe we should get a bit more done and could do if only it was cooler! But enough of our ridiculous nonsense. On with what you’re here for some delicious little things for you to chase all over the web while sipping iced water.

The links…

No appetite in the heat? – tempt yourself to consider a little something with these eraser arrangements that do look almost edible.

If you’re sending postcards (perhaps while your holiday somewhere picturesque) and want to write something more exciting than ‘wish you were here’  how about a haiku? Take inspiration from this collection of haiku postcards

Exercise and postal history come together in these glorious walking tours run by the Postal Museum. Explore the history of mail in London. Tours are run once a month and no booking is required – spontaneity opportunity!

Turing your thoughts to buying new stationery for September? Read this post first and decide if you want everything in one notebook. Or prefer the pleasure and indulgence of having many.

And if your goal for the new academic year is to be more organised than check out these things to do at the start of each month. Make a note of them now. You’ve got at least 3 weeks to decide which ones you will actually do!

Until next time stay hydrated, write postcards and eat chilled fruit.

P.S. Orders for our September selection open on 8 August – and we’ve had a rejig of our gift subscriptions section to make the whole thing a bit easier for you.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash