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Just what do you get in a subscription selection? And more to the point do you want to know in advance?

So many of our customers tell us that they never look at the sneak peek feature on our website. They like the surprise of opening the envelope and discovering the goodies inside. But we know some of you are looking; we can tell! And we don’t blame you – you don’t like to know a secret.

For those of you too honourable to sneak we’ve made a trailer for our July selection (we were clearly inspired by this summer’s big blockbuster movies). The July mailing went out on 14 July so everyone can safely look at the contents without ruining the surprise.

If you’d like to see what appeared in the July mailing then you can watch the video below. (If not look away now!)

Our feature presentation…

Enjoy that? Would it have been better with popcorn?

If after viewing you want to order a subscription then we are delighted. Head right this way to subscribe.

Or you can dip your toe (and hopefully find it warmer than the sea at Clacton). Try one of our ready-to-dispatch themed selections like Harry Potter or Bujo. Or order the monthly Ace selection as a one off. Or if you want the subscription experience our mini subscriptions offer 3 months of stationery surprises at a lower cost than Ace.

And if you think you have enough stationery (for now), you probably do (for now). Make sure you use it up and don’t save it for best. Then you’ve got your excuse to buy more.

P.S. Like what you see but don’t want to buy right now? Stay in touch with our new selections by signing up for our newsletter. We’ll send you printable planner pages and a BuJo habit tracker if you do.