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It hasn’t been a particularly cold winter but it feels like it’s been going on for a long time. Maybe it’s simply because we’ve been waiting for a massive drop in temperature and heavy snow and it hasn’t yet arrived.

Now there’s a sense of Spring in the air. The winds are still fresh and the evenings draw in early but blue skies, sunshine and the first flowers suggest that Spring is nearly here. While Winter is a great time for hibernating I’m ready to throw off the covers and get ready for the new season.

Carla and I have been chatting about our plans for Spring and have decided we want to do the following:

  • Buy stationery in glorious spring colours – bright yellow, leaf green and sky blue
  • Add a touch of Spring to our desks by adding a bunch of daffodils
  • Buy a new notebook (any excuse!)
  • Write a list of Spring things to do in said notebook
  • Go on some lovely country walks with a flask of tea and admire the snowdrops (green welly boots on standby)

How are you welcoming the arrival of Spring?