Happy (rather belated) new year, stationery lovers!

I’ve chosen a word for the year for the first time in 2014.

In keeping with the ethos of Ink Drops, and in an attempt to continue to slow down and really savour and appreciate life, I’ve chosen BALANCE.

(And then I also chose ABUNDANCE, because I can’t have just one word – look at all the amazing words out there!)

I had a wonderful time choosing them – I spent a few days over new year going back over old notebooks, scribbling in new ones and on scraps of paper and on my huge flipchart (with pretty coloured biros – you can fit so much more on than when you use a flipchart marker!!) From all the wonderful words I loved, these two seemed right to keep in mind for the year.

It made me think – do you have any rituals around finishing a notebook? I know Annastasia is brilliant and goes through hers, noting, trashing or keeping depending on the content of each page.


Mine, however, tend to mount up in my bookshelves. And then once every few years I go through them and marvel at the thoughts I was having back then.

I’m not going to attempt to stop doing this, only go through them a bit more often, as I loved the insight into Past Carla, and the contrast and similarities between Past Carla and Present Carla. And it set me to wondering what Future Carla might get up to.

Have you planned for 2014? Or chosen a word? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to see or read!

Wishing you unicorns and happiness,