Inspiring stationery item

Staedtler Noris colouring pencils*

How I’d use it

These will help me to relax and unwind. Recently, I’ve become fond of colouring books. Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean is my current favourite.

Where I’d use it

To begin with, I’d be curled up on my lovely comfy sofa. And I’d be under a mermaid tail blanket (obviously). Likewise, my favourite PJs and an audiobook playing in the background would also be part of the whole experience.

When I’d use it

I’d pick a cold, wet evening. In other words, the kind when you want to be warm and indoors. Furthermore, I’d light my favourite lemon & lavender candle.

*Inspirational Staedtler colouring pencil set supplied by Small Man Media in support of National Stationery Week 2016