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At the beginning of this year, I realised that with all the things I do, I needed to be considerably more organised than I was.

These days most of my appointments live in my Google calendar. Unless I’ve written things down the old fashioned way, with pen and paper, I don’t feel organised.

So I resurrected my Filofax.

It was a leaving present from my library job. I had forgotten how many sections it has. And after a few months of using it, I can’t imagine not having all my scribbles in separate places.

I have sections for all the different things I do. Plus a hole punch so I can keep those little scribbled reminders safe. Then there’s a place for my to-do list. And I’ve got somewhere constant to stash my receipts.

And just to top off my happiness (simple things, no?), my little 7-inch tablet, on which I’m typing this post, fits into the pocket inside the front cover.

So I can have old and new technology keeping me organised and making me happy. And it all fits neatly in my handbag – perfection!