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Autumn has always been my favourite season. It’s the comfort of a return to routine. The opportunity to enjoy the last of summer mixed while anticipating the months ahead. Cooler mornings but lunchtimes warm enough to read by the river. Like a mix of summer fruits and a little spice. An apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

September always inspires in me a fresh start feeling. An opportunity to be sensible after summer when it seems like the rules are suspended.

So what am I doing to embrace the urge to be sensible? Top of my list has been early nights. Early to bed means that I can get up on the first ring of the alarm, ensuring a good start on the day. There’s something wonderful about adding a scarf (the one that’s been too warm to wear for months) and striding out into the cool, calm, quiet morning.

I’ve been trying new types of tea. What could be more sensible and seasonal than a pot of tea? A friend gave me green tea with gingerbread to try, and I think I’m going to be drinking this right through to Christmas.

And then there are books. September is less demanding of time than July or August. There are fewer festivals and barbecues. So it’s hello to an entire afternoon getting lost in a pile of books.

So I’m off to get an early night with a cup of tea and a good book. How about you?