This month’s Life in Stationery is the lovely Karen Julia, whose favourite ink colour is purple – and whose interview features brownies and secrets for left-handed people. We couldn’t resist! Without further ado:

What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the post?

Double chocolate brownies that were a surprise thank you gift from another photographer.

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

I’m especially loving my new desk notebook; a brown kraft paper covered A5 notebook from Paperchase. It has spirals at the top, so anyone reading this who is left-handed will understand the joy of not having to use a notebook upside down just to be able to write comfortably! The pages are thick with a subtle texture that’s pleasing to write on with both ballpoint pen and my favourite gel pens. I’m currently teaming this up with a set of beautiful Oral Kiely pencils in orange, which feels perfect for the season.

Spiral bound notebook flatlay |
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Are you a diary writer?

I like to write out my plans of what I intend to do rather than what I have done, so my diary is a collection of misplaced optimism and random pencil-drawn pictures that fill in the gaps between tasks that bear no relation to the universal constraints of time.

We adore this description of a diary – doesn’t it describe at least one of your notebooks?! – Ink Drops

And are you a list maker?

I am. I do love a good list, I especially love a good spreadsheet. My accountant never fails to be impressed, more by the ombre colour schemes than the accuracy

Your favourite place to write?

In a busy cafe in an unfamiliar city whilst I people watch and eavesdrop on others conversations.

The last thing you posted?

Beautiful printed books for my clients that feature their wedding photos.

Karen is a professional wedding photographer and part-time SEO ninja with a love of freshly ground coffee, tattoos and beautiful stationery. Find her at