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I unexpectedly bought a house earlier this year, and launched rather quickly into the process of updating it – mainly for things like electrics and plumbing, but also with a new kitchen and flooring, which was an exciting bonus.

I’d have said I had fairly solid creative and domestic rituals. A reasonable morning routine has been in place. I’ve got a good way of getting through my household chores. One that leaves me time to keep my businesses and blogs going, and keep up with my day job as well.

So when I agreed moving in with Mum & Dad would be better than camping in my unheated home, I was confident I’d manage everything without a wobble. My kitties have come with me and have settled in well to indoor living.

The project is still underway, and living somewhere else combined with spending the majority of my time outside the day job on painting, prepping and the house project in general, I’ve found my routines have flown entirely out of the window in the last few weeks.

Essential vs important

It’s been a really good lesson in what is essential to keeping things going – I am managing to ship orders, check emails, respond to customers and clients, and document the process of renovating my house in pictures if not so much in words. I am never without a camera or a measuring tape (or a paint roller!) these days.

My diary is sorely in need of an update, but my Filofax and online calendar are bang up to date. That’s because they have to be. My Spotify playlists have never been so full. A girl cannot paint an entire house without music!

But important stuff that has disappeared under the rubble… Any kind of blogging schedule has been abandoned. I am still writing, just don’t have enough time to format, add photos and actually hit publish. Pulling photos off my camera with any kind of regularity is happening. And let’s not get started on sleep patterns.

The course I’m testing over at Unfurling Your Wings has had a couple of postponed weeks, so that the material is what I intended and not rushed because of lack of time.

Staying inspired

There simply isn’t the space, time or materials for me to take action on the ideas that pop into my head. I did sneak into my favourite craft supply store on the way home from work one evening. I bought some paper, a cutting mat and a craft knife so I could update my Filofax with pretty dividers. (Apparently, I can’t go a month without making something.)


I’ve learned that while all of the second list are hugely important to me, none of them are essential for keeping my commitments running when I am under pressure. I’ve also learned that Pinterest is a magical invention. It’s keeping all my ideas and thoughts and plans ready for when I have my blank canvas house back. For when I can actually start to take action again.

Do you have any tips for surviving disruption and keeping your sanity in a major project?

With love and unicorns,

Carla xx