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You were up bright and early (or the kids were). Then you had Bucks Fizz for breakfast. The presents are open. Meanwhile, the cats are having a great time in the discarded wrapping paper, and Christmas lunch is in the oven.

It’s Christmas. You absolutely deserve to put your feet up after a busy year and manic festive season.

But maybe you’re at a loose end in the afternoon (and you’ve already seen all the films on TV). Why not get a head start and pen some of your thank you letters while you’re still surprised and delighted by your gifts?

Now write your thank you letters!

If you’ve been lucky enough to get an Ink Drops box in your stocking, you’ll have plenty of papery goodies to use!

Wishing you a gorgeous Christmas day (or 25th Dec, if you don’t celebrate). We’re off for some more chocolate (Carla) and brussels sprouts (Annastasia) 🙂

Festive wishes,

Carla & Annastasia xxx