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Our Meet the Maker series is an opportunity to get to know the talented artists and makers behind some of our gorgeous stationery.

One of the things we’re proudest of at Ink Drops is working whenever we can with UK artists and makers, so you can discover new favourites while indulging your stationery addiction!

Sam at NaviStitch makes the most glorious cards and prints with embroidery techniques and navigational charts, and has a studio in the same building as Carla. She tells us more:

ID: Tell us a little bit about you & your work?

SL: My work is hand stitched on old navigation charts. I create original art work, prints and printed greetings cards. They all come out of my lovely studio in Ardleigh. I have always been a stitcher and always been a sailor, NaviStitch combines both of these loves.

ID: What inspires you most?

SL: I love the beautiful UK coastline but I particularly love the Suffolk and Essex Estuaries and the historic vessels that you often still see sailing on them today. I have a special affinity with the Thames Sailing Barges and they often feature in my work.

ID: How do you stay organised?

SL: I know it may seem a bit old fashioned in the modern world but I still keep a paper diary. I swear by my to-do lists. Sometimes I write even the smallest little tasks just so I get the satisfaction of crossing them out. (We love this and might do that too – “brush teeth” is one to-do item that’s guaranteed to get a tick, right?! ~ Carla)

ID: What does your daily routine look like?

SL: I don’t really have one, other than starting the day with my to-do list. Every day is different and even if you start with a plan the day often goes in a different direction!

ID: What was the last thing you received in the post?

SL: A beautiful vintage navigation chart of the Suffolk and Essex Coast. Mostly monochrome colours with some pale turquoise and a little splash of magenta.

ID: And the last thing you sent in the post?

SL: A copy of my brochure and some greetings card samples to a brand new shop opening in Southwold this weekend.

ID: Do you have a favourite piece of your own art?

SL: I’m really enjoying working on vintage charts at the moment and this is my current favourite.

ID: And finally, what’s your current favourite book?

SL: Anything by Terry Pratchett.

You can find Sam’s art all over the UK in some rather delightful shops, and also at

She’s popping up in Fenwick Colchester until 22 June, and you can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.