One of the things we’re proudest of at Ink Drops is working whenever we can with UK artists and makers, so you can discover new favourites while indulging your stationery addiction!

Last year two of our boxes featured cards from Kim at Witchmountain. Here’s a bit more about her and her work:

ID: Tell us a little bit about you & your work?

KT: Since completing my Textiles and Surface Design degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design, way back in 2008, I’ve been looking at different ways to combine print, drawing and embroidery in my work without access to fancy equipment and studio space.

For the past few years, this has involved making cyanotype prints on both fabric and paper, creating original framed pieces, handprinted lighting, greetings cards and other gift items.

ID: What inspires you most?

KT: Obviously, my surroundings here in the Lake District inspire me. I spend a lot of time wandering about looking and thinking whilst drinking coffee and waiting for an idea to jump out at me.

When I moved here I wished I was a landscape painter. But it’s actually the act of telling a story that interests me. Old folk tales and magic play a part . I like to think my work is a combination of close observation and imagined characters from a story I’ve yet to write.

ID: How do you stay organised? (lists, planners, post-it notes or digital diaries, we want to hear about all of it 😀 )

KT: I go through phases where I am incredibly organised. I’ll have “to-do” lists pinned up on my cupboard doors. Then others of stuffing receipts into overflowing boxes and not filling in my diary.

I’ve used several “creative business planners” and found parts of them quite helpful. But I started one this year and didn’t manage to complete all of the tasks. This made me feel cross with myself, which was counterproductive, so I decided to leave it until next year.

I find that the more work I have on, the easier it is to organise things. Writing lists (by hand) is really the best way of sorting out which tasks need prioritising to avoid panic stations.

ID: The daily life of creative people fascinates most of us. Do you have a morning or daily routine you’d like to share?

KT: My morning routine is to wake up as slowly as possible with the help of lots of tea and toast and Radio 4. I’m rubbish in the mornings and tend to do my best work in the evening. (me too! – Carla)

ID: What was the last thing you received in the post?

KT: Actually today I got two lovely things in the post. There was a beautiful card from an Australian artist called Emma Rose Saffron. The other was a pink sketchbook and pack of pencils from the LRB Bookshop in London. Recently I was robbed and lost my favourite stationery and sketchbook. They heard about that and sent them over for me. Something special in the post can really make someone’s day better.

ID: And the last thing you sent in the post?

KT: I posted some website orders today, I really love packing orders and not just for the obvious reasons. I know how much I love getting nice post so I try to make the parcels I send as special as possible. (we can confirm this – our parcel from Witchmountain was beautiful!)

ID: Do you have a favourite piece of your own art?

KT: I don’t really have a favourite piece. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite, I’ve looked at something for so long and I need to have a break before I can start to like it again! I do have a soft spot for my bears though…

ID: And finally, what’s your favourite book?

KT: I occasionally work in a fabulous bookshop in Grasmere and I find it impossible to resist temptation.

At the moment I’m reading “Everything Under” by Daisy Johnson. I chose it because it had a beautiful cover (I do believe you can sometimes judge a book by its cover !) by Suzanne Dean. Before I’d even finished unpacking the deliveries, I was drawn in.

Favourite authors include Tove Jansson, Kirsty Logan, Haruki Murakami… oh I could go on and on!

We think we’ve found something of a kindred spirit, and you can find Kim’s stunning work at Her art also features in one of our new selections, due for release in the summer!