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Meet Louise.

She loves all things vintage and pastel, and is a fan of purple ink (we approve!). Accordingly, she tells us about her life in stationery…

First things first, what’s your name?


What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the post?

Unquestionably, My wedding photos in a pretty box with our wedding date hand-printed on the top!

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

Ohh, well I bought a new notebook today with a pretty marble look cover, but I also couldn’t be without my sparkly gel pens to make my (usually long!) to-do lists more inspiring!

Are you a diary writer? Tell us about your journal habits if you are (and don’t worry if you’re not!)

Yes! I have the breathe journal and it helps me plan my working week (essential when running a business!) but it also has space to make personal notes and weekly reflections, which helps keep me on track in both life and business!

And are you a list maker?

Definitely! Allll the lists! Ticking things off is so satisfying!

Favourite ink colour?


Your favourite place to write?

I tend to write in my studio, with a nice cup of coffee!

Last thing you posted?

A ‘just because’ card to a friend, everyone loves receiving post!

Louise designs and creates fifties inspired bridal and occasion wear, in made to order, customisable designs.  So her Instagram is a delight and features frequent vintage picnics (postcard opportunity, anyone?). Obviously, you’ll want to Go and find her (and her glorious work) at