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Hannah’s our latest Life in Stationery lady:

My Life in Stationery - Hannah |

Here’s what she told us:

What’s the best thing you ever received in the post?

Anything that’s a surprise…

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

My new Mint green fountain pen with green ink that I use for marking at school.

Are you a list maker?


Favourite ink colour?

Any shade of green or blue

Your favourite place to write?

In a beautiful notepad

Last thing you posted?

Some year 6 writing off to the local authority moderators. Very boring but important so I made sure I did it myself!

Where we’d normally put in a link, Hannah tells us she is a stationery fan who’s “far too old school to write blogs or host websites”. This concept is surprisingly pleasing. What could be better than old-fashioned pen & paper, right? To have her Life in Stationery answers is a delight <3