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It’s a bit like looking at someone’s bookshelf. On the whole, you can tell a lot about a person by their stationery related tastes and habits. In this post, Frankie Kerr-Dineen, a Scottish based designer at The Native State, tells us about her life in stationery.

So it’s on with the questions for Frankie….

Frankie, designer at the Native State |

What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the post?

The first mock of our very first print design was very exciting. We had played around with different paper and paperweights and it was great to finally have the perfect product in our hands.

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

I love my rubber stamp! It’s has our logo on it and each of our prints are stamped with it on the back.

Thank you card from the Native State|

Are you a diary writer? Tell us about your journal habits if you are (and don’t worry if you’re not!)

Unfortunately not. I put events in my phone and that is it. My dad writes in his diary daily and has done for as long as I can remember. So he could tell you what he did and ate on the 16th March 1999. I’m kind of envious of that.

And are you a list maker?

Yes! I love a good list like I love a good colour coordinated spreadsheet. Ticking items off a list makes me feel like I’m making progress and getting things done.

Favourite ink colour?

Black. Although I did buy a shimmery pink pen the other day which is pretty fun 😉

palm print by the Native State on table|

Your favourite place to write?

At my desk with the sun on my back and a coffee beside me.

Last thing you posted?

In the mail? I sent some orders out yesterday and (of course) returned a pair of jeans I bought online.

Good vibes only envelope from the Native State|

At this point, we suggest you pop over to The Native State and have a look at their delightful offering. Frankie tells us they are inspired by adventure, love, positive vibes and most recently motherhood. The prints and stationery aim to lift your mood, make you smile or get you back on the right path.

So do you Fancy sharing your stationery preferences and habits? Want to appear on this blog? Fill in the ‘My life in stationery’ quizlette and we’ll do the rest.