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On Wednesday, we scrapped our usual Skype meeting and popped along to The Waiting Room, in Colchester. We’re still getting used to living in the same town!

We’ve been before for brunches and burlesque, but this time they had a letterpress takeover. The wonderful Bob and Horace (Harrington and Squires, real names Chrissie and Vicky) had come up from London. They told us about their gorgeous company, their amazing (and very narrow) workshop space. And they also showed us how to print.


I was so absorbed in what they were saying I forgot to take any photos during the talk. However, here’s some of their amazing work…


St Botolph’s has its own Adana press. That evening, they had borrowed a second press. This meant we were able to try printing ourselves. The first was a Harrington & Squires-set postcard. And the second was a collaboration with Adventures with Words – a bookmark of course!


We had a demonstration, and then we could all try – and I was ridiculously excited!


(Thanks to Kate for taking these!)

And we finally got to meet the fabulous Kate and Rob in person.  I felt like I knew them already, through blogs and giveaways and shared obsessions (cough, stationery, cough) but despite all living in Colchester we’d never managed to meet them. So that was lovely – and here they are on the bookmark press.


It was a gorgeous, informative and inspiring evening – and we’re now hatching plans for our own line of letterpress stationery using the presses at St Botolph’s. Squee!