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Diaries are funny things. So many started, so many left, unfinished, before so much as a month has passed.

So many of us have bundles of unfinished diaries...
So many of us have bundles of unfinished diaries… (photo credit: Spree2010 via photopin cc)

I’ve already talked about my own five year diary, and introduced you to the idea of a few lines every day. But though writing a few lines instead of reams is certainly easier to fit in, how do you make sure you keep it going, so you have a record of your life?

When I discovered that Cheryl from the gorgeous Make Me Joyful blog uses hers as a gratitude diary, and another friend uses hers to write her daily goals, I thought perhaps it was something to do with what you used it for. But there are plenty of diaries recording the mundane, not just the extraordinary. Everyday life, things that happened – with maybe a list of new year resolutions scribbled in the front.

The secret to diary keeping

I’ve asked and read, mused and conversed. And have concluded that the secret to keeping a diary going is simply getting into the habit. Doing it at the same time every day, having one that’s small enough to carry around if you go away overnight, and working it into your daily routines and rituals.

For me, writing at the end of the day makes sense and fits my own natural rhythm. I change for bed, brush my teeth, set my alarm, read for a while, write my diary then put the lights out… it’s the very last thing I do and I feel odd if I don’t.

photo credit: incurable_hippie via photopin cc
photo credit: incurable_hippie via photopin cc

I have a friend who tells me she prefers to on waking to make a cup of tea. This post isn’t about the magic of tea in the morning but could be! She then write her diary entry, aided by having slept on all of yesterday’s happenings. Comparing our diaries, mine is excitable, emotional and the writing varies wildly with my mood. Hers is calmer, more considered, infinitely neater and a record of her life which reflects her temperament.

Your challenge

So here’s a challenge for you if you’ve ever wished you could keep a diary going. Today’s the 8th of November. Choose a time of day that feels right to you and spend ten minutes writing your diary. If you can keep it up for a week, or two, and especially if you manage the whole month, you’re well on the way to forming a habit that will bring you lots of happiness! Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear!

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Wishing you unicorns and happiness,

Carla xx