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Autumn is one of stationery’s natural seasons and we absolutely love seeing new pens and notebooks in every direction. Its as much a marker of seasonal change as slightly cooler evenings and looking out for the first orange leaf. 

This summer was about taking it easy but isn’t it amazing what hard work that can be? We’ve been trying to take time to relax in advance of the busy autumn. But it’s startling how easy it is to get distracted by shop refreshes, new stock and just life in general. Sitting at a desk with my feet in a bowl of water. It wasn’t quite the glamorous vision of summer that  I had in mind. It did keep me cool though. And that was what I needed on those hot days.

Certainly, the rest has clearly done its job as we now have brains that are buzzing with ideas, living spaces with less clutter and a feeling of excitement that surely can’t be entirely down to the new pencil case vibe of the coming autumn.

Indeed, I want to stand in the middle of the office and spin round and round to glory in the fact that there’s space to do it. Evidently, the most unexpected things and places can be a source of Joy and wonder. Get curious in the months to come. Develop your sense of wonder. Enjoy the now.

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