It's not about the biscuits - write real letters #writerealletters

It’s not about the biscuits.Sorry. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them but they are sort of, kind of beside the point.

While Carla and I were planning #loverealletters for January we thought we would post a biscuit recipe today. We enthused about how nice it was to have a plate of something nibbly on hand. We recalled wonderful iced biscuits in shaped like envelopes and post boxes.


Then we thought a bit more about what the point of #loverealletters was. It’s about making time to make connections with people. It’s about getting over feeling guilty that you have written to your penpal for a while. Or taking action to write a thank you letter to your aunt on the Isle of Wight to say thank you for the Christmas gift and how are things with her. Even sending a postcard to your chum in the next town because although you send text messages you don’t see enough of each other.

Various podcasts I listened to in 2018 (including Rich Roll) flagged how we get distracted from actually doing the thing by trying to make the circumstances for it perfect. You don’t go out for a morning walk because you think you need other things in place first. You have to have a training schedule, research the right trainers and choose the perfect playlist.

We put off writing letters by faffing around choosing the perfect stationery, setting up a writing space and baking biscuits. By all means, enjoy the biscuits but don’t make them the first thing on your list. If you need a snack each what you have to hand. Bake the biscuits filled with a warm glow on your return from the post box. Use the first pen that comes to hand. Push back the clutter on your kitchen table to make a writing space.

Just start by writing the first word

P.S. If you do need stationery for your letter writing activities cut to the chase and order yourself our ‘Say Hello’ selection.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash