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If you’ve been a reader for a while you might have noticed that we like to embrace the seasons – and this autumn is no different. We’ve been thinking about what we want to have to hand for the turn of season – and shopping our own stock.

A notebook goes without saying. While summer screams for notebooks as light as possible autumn does suggest something a teeny bit sturdier – like a pair of brogues after wearing flip-flops! But we’re not quite into heavy-duty boots yet. So how about Take Note? Bonus is it’s brightly coloured enough to be found at the bottom of a bag on an overcast autumn morning.

Take Note notebook from - stationery by subscription

And in addition to a notebook how about a jotter? October and November are months of lists. Winter clothing needs. Foods to buy. Celebrations to prepare for. Looks like a job for the Teatime shopping list? Plus it’s long enough not to run out of space.

shopping list pad from - stationery by subscription

I carry a stash of sticky notes with me. They’re so useful for consolidating orphan items on job lists, marking all the pages in a notebook that need referring back to, and writing reminders that will stand out. Take Note has both sticky notes and page markers between its covers.

Marking means I'm busy - sticky notes and page marker selection from

Then finally how about the ‘Say Hello‘ selection? So that you can drop someone a little note before you write them a Christmas card.

Say Hello stationery bundle |

Enjoy the season in all it’s leaf turning, list writing glory.