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Working from home – it’s not going away any time soon. And we’re rather pleased, in some ways – working in our own spaces and on our own schedule is close to both our hearts!

While it means you can’t raid the office stationery cupboard, it also means you can adorn your desk with your own choice of papery goodness, and your stationery can make you smile, even if it’s for work!

Here are some of our current favourites:

Sticky notes

Cactus sticky notes

We think sticky notes might be the top working from home tool, aside from a decent internet connection.

You can use them for work notes, a to do list, explaining homeschool stuff (no, we don’t understand half of what they teach in year 6 either), catching random ideas and things you really want to buy, leaving instructions for the rest of your household. Also for leaving notes for yourself so you don’t forget things in the madness that is the world right now.

See our selection of sticky notes in the shop. We don’t do plain. But we do go from cute to smile-inducing to actually quite sensible. And we’re adding to them all the time!

Paper clips

Squirrel paperclips from - stationery by subscription

Ah, the humble paper clip. It’s just a wiggly piece of metal. However, it’s a surprisingly useful wiggly piece of metal. It can keep all your various projects and paperwork in their relevant piles.

But don’t restrict yourself to the standard shape. We have bicycles, flamingos, smiles, even squirrels – and nothing cheers up a really boring report like squirrels…

Pens (and pencils)

Despite all the technology we now work and learn with, it is impossible to get through a day without writing something down by hand. So we’d encourage you to treat yourself to your favourite way of writing.

Whether that’s colourful fineliners, chunky markers, new ink for your fountain pen or a silky-smooth mechanical pencil, we know how important a pen which writes nicely is!

A few of our pens and pencils are in the shop and we have an update planned shortly too 🙂

What are your can’t-live-without stationery essentials for working from home?