I owe my discovery of correspondence cards to a slight obsession with woman’s lifestyle magazines in my mid-twenties. Travelling all over the place by bus meant I was always buying magazines both to get some change and for something to occupy me on the journey. And I had a real thing for the cover gifts. The scanty bikini, thin tops and shopping guides were quickly discarded but some of the stationery related items were a real find.

Easy Living gave away a set of 20 correspondence cards with a green border. At first, I wondered what I’d do with them but I soon appreciated their versatility. At Christmas, they were great for tucking in with boxes of gifts. On occasions when a postcard didn’t seem quite right, these were perfect.

I then graduated to buying correspondence cards in solid colours with a rainbow of possibilities.

What’s next on my development with this delightful item? I could buy a selection stamped with different images. Or how about some engraved with my name or a quotation? There’s even the option to buy a set of stamps, and inks and create my own. Who knows? That’s the delight of this elegant and versatile item.