As the Uk entered lockdown it appeared to be divided into 2. There were those who would be even busier with work, childcare and other demands. And those who found themselves at a loose end.

Enter the idea that the nation would emerge from their houses changed forever. They would be fitter, spout new languages and play musical instruments. Newly penned novels would be brandished and there would be a mastery of sourdough.

Enter reality

But the reality isn’t quite like that. For those of us who had time, we might have given PE with Joe a bit of a go (and then decided that his senior’s workout was more our level). Or have turned our rotting banana into bread. And possibly have turned out a cupboard or 2. But on the whole, we somehow never got round to doing most of the things we said we’d do if we just had some spare time.

I’ve always fancied learning Esperanto. So when I saw a tweet about a free online course in early April I clicked on it. And bookmarked the page. I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it. As a result, I can’t even mark it as started on off my lifetime to-do list.

And this is the thing about having a bit of spare time. It helps you to work out what really matters to you. I stayed with my chap during lockdown and you can tell me priorities from what I packed. Food, cooking equipment, PJs, books and a load of stationery. So although this would have been a great time to go through my mending pile or scan in a load of old photos clearly my enthusiasm for is sort of limited…

Take this a cue to go through your one-day-I-will list and see if you still really want to do everything on there. You might still do the thing someday. But it really might need a move to a perhaps list.