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I’ve had a run of delightful post recently, but top of the made-me-smile list is definitely this gorgeous card from Chloe, to my cats, on the occasion of their second birthday:

When I first opened it I thought it was a print. But it’s actually an original line drawing on handmade paper. It’s beautiful, personal and was the most glorious thing to receive.

By coincidence, it arrived on a day where, after a wonderful time in London with a friend I’d not seen for a couple of years, I deliberately took a rush-hour commuter train home, for a bit of perspective. Lately, I’ve been grumbling a bit about how busy I am or how annoying things are. And so I thought it was high time I gave myself a glimpse into what my life used to be like.

And oh, goodness – though the day was wonderful, the hour’s journey home was hellish. Hot, squished, on the floor and delayed due to the heat. Commuters ranging from mildly grumpy to downright rude and angry surrounded me. So I was grateful to fall off the train into the summer evening. And then arriving home to my silly no-longer-kittens and this gorgeous card was a tonic.

I’m filled with all kinds of gratitude. For friendships that transcend¬†the busy madness of life. And for friends as daft as I am. Also for real post in an increasingly digital-only world. Plus that the life I’ve built that is gentler and calmer than the one I left behind.