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Given the nature of this blog and Ink Drops itself, I have something of a strange relationship with my computer screen. I’ll go out of my way to avoid spending too much time on it. Simultaneously I get lost in website tweaks and writing, and of course running our shop and social media. All of which does tend to require technology. We’re yet to sell a box via carrier pigeon or stork (though I should so look at that…!)

So it came as something of a surprise to me, tumbling into bed on the evening of Good Friday. I realised I hadn’t been near a screen of my own all day. Without even trying.

I spent the day helping my parents to upgrade their phone contracts and helping them choose new phones. For Dad it was his first smartphone, so felt like a big deal. But as we’d chosen to do it in an actual shop instead of online, and because switching the contacts and so on over mainly involved moving the SIM card between his old and new phones.

How I forgot about screens

I’d sent a couple of texts when I’d first woken up and then had driven over to my parents. We brunched, shopped, walked, coffeed, walked some more. Then Dad got set up on his new phone,  we had dinner and put the world to rights, and swapped recommendations about excellent things to watch (Ken Robertson’s TED talk; Martha Lane-Fox’s Dimbleby lecture; Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the South documentary).

And it wasn’t until 13 hours later I realised! I’d not looked at an email, updated Facebook, tweeted or sent an Instagram picture all day.

It might seem like a minor thing. This was actually a huge step for me. Hyper-connected is my usual state of being. I felt better, my eyes weren’t as scratchy, and though I did have some weird dreams, I think that was more due to extensive reading before bed rather than not using email!

There have been a few times in the past when I’ve decided to have screen or tech-free days. Things that need doing or updating or checking always swallow the resolve. But I didn’t actually miss anything drastic (except posting this blog on a Friday!), So I am now seriously considering blocking out a day every few weeks to be totally technology-free.

To give my little pea brain a rest – and also to give me time to do other things that really matter, like making things, spending time with loved ones, and getting to know my neighbourhood and town on foot. I might even challenge Annastasia to do the same…!