I am rather surprised to be writing this post. I’m a stationery fanatic, ex-librarian and general paper aficionado. The last thing I expected to love was digital editions of my favourite magazines.

And yet. Essex Libraries recently announced that their members could access hundreds of magazines in digital edition for free, and read them on their own devices. So I put them to the test.

Homes, interiors, crafts, photography, even cross-stitch… they’re all there. I can read and flip through them all, and the digital experience is strangely enthralling (and more portable). I always have my tablet on me so I can keep an eye on my businesses when I’m out and about. And now I can have a library of magazines for those odd moments in shops and queues and waiting rooms.

My Kindle will never replace my bookshelves. But it adds to my reading experience. And so these will never replace my love for proper, paper magazines. However, they make a very nice addition to a paper loving reader’s library.

Though I’m not yet sure how I’m going to get on with digital cross stitch patterns!!

And borrowing them from the library is definitely helping me to save a little every month, too.

Do you read digitally?