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painting of flowers - an envelope of snippets for April -

How has your April been so far? Has your bujo been decorated with bunnies, your desk covered in daffodils and your desk drawer filled with a secret chocolate egg stash? Or have been enjoying the lighter morning and evenings while sipping a cup of green Earl Grey tea?

Whatever you’re doing here are some links to entertain and distract for a few minutes; your mileage may vary.

Links for April

Looking at your spring wardrobe and thinking about accessories? How about jewellery made from old love letters from Forever yours Agnes.

Stamps are already like mini works of art. Does this collection take them to the next level?

Does everyone you know have a birthday at the same time (forcing you to buy greeting cards in bulk)? Discover the most common birthdays with this inactive heat map.

Reading ideas for this month are in the form of this list of 100 epistolary novels. So it was with amazement that I realised I’d read many of these. However, I didn’t recall them being in letter or diary form.

You can use a keyboard of some kind for most things these days. Which begs the question: why would you take time out to improve your handwriting? This blog post explains what the 5 advantages to working on your handwriting are. It also links to a podcast offering a scientific perspective.

Ok back to instagramming tulips, oohing over ice cream shaped erasers and wondering if Ink Drop’s HQ will ever have a clear desk policy…