I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures all my life. Family pets, toys, cousins unfortunate enough to be spending the summer holidays with me. It was definitely the case that nothing and no one was safe from my little film camera back in the 80s and 90s.

Badly exposed pictures of school friends. Teeny tiny pixellated images from my very first digital camera back in 2003. Dubious photos on my early blog posts at university in the early noughties. Up to the present time, with thousands upon thousands of images on my phone and my computer and my hard drives. They’re not all of my cats…!

I try to print as many as I can, but no matter how full my storage gets, I can’t stop taking pictures. What’s more, I think it’s something that I’ll always want to do every day.

These days I shoot digital, of course, but I still have a soft spot (as many photographers do) for film – and for the beautiful vintage cameras of old. I love my Canon, but she doesn’t have the same iconic looks as the Polaroid or the Brownie…

A camera or two…

camera duo collage

In reality one of the cameras above isn’t actually a camera. It’s a notebook. Can you spot it? Do you need a hint?

From the desk of this photography(and stationery!) addict comes the I Love Cameras collection, and the Camera Duo – stationery presents for the camera addict in your life! (Everyone knows one – some of us keep it better hidden than others!). What better gift than one that combines stationery with another obsession?

Photography is about capturing the moment and that’s one of the functions of stationery too. To pin down a fleeting moment and make it tangible.

With the duo only a fiver including UK postage, you could definitely get away with a sneaky payday treat for yourself without denting your camera gear fund…

Love & polaroids,
Carla xxx