Ooh, it’s that time again! Nearly time for our August box orders to close. And time to have a closer look at what was in the July box.

They should all be with their recipients by now, so no surprise-spoiling… here goes:

Clockwise from top, we have a gorgeous card from artist Kim Tillyer – a magical tent in a dreamy land. It’s from an original cyanotype and watercolour drawing, and it feels like the essence of summer. RRP £3.00

“All the secrets of the world are contained in books” – a truer word never was said. This postcard lends itself to framing for your wall as much as for scribbling a note to your bestie… RRP £0.75

Take Note – hardback A6 notebook in pink, mint, purple and rose gold. Handbag sized and super instagrammable (that’s definitely a word!!), also ideal for gratitude lists. RRP £4.00

Giraffe card by Petra Boase – from her “quirky pets” collection, we couldn’t resist this cheeky giraffe, and think he’s ideal for any occasion – birthdays, babies, just to say hi. We’re also very excited by the neon orange envelope! (Niche, I know, but there is a reason we started a stationery company. The weirdest things make us happy!) RRP £2.50

And last but not least, a set of three fabulous tapes which cover the spectrum of cute, quirky and pretty between them. They’re actual tape rather than washi tape, so we expect to see the parcels you’re posting wrapped with them 🙂 RRP £5.00

As ever, we’d love to see what you do with your goodies this month – tag us @inkdropsbox or #inkdropsbox everywhere on social, and we promise to squee with delight when we spot our selections in the wild!

You can get your paws (hooves, mitts, hands, whatever) on our August box on our subscribe page.

Happy stationerying for the rest of July!