Where do the months go?! It’s already time for a closer look at August’s goodies, ahead of September’s shipping… AND THEN IT WILL BE AUTUMN. Eeep.

Having said that, generally, we love autumn for its cosiness, long walks, leaf-kicking and hot chocolate opportunities – but summer went a bit fast for our liking…

Anyway, here’s what was in our August box:

August 2018 stationery subscription box | inkdrops.co.uk

We had a bit of a tropical feel going on. Bright colours and greenery are some of our favourite things, and of course the seaside! So what was included?

Tropical pencils

First up is a box of 12 tropical pencils. I am currently obsessed with tropical leaves and couldn’t resist ordering these beauties. Plus my diary is so full and changeable lately that pencil is the way forward. Much less messy when plans move around! RRP £4.95

Washi tape

A giant roll of green washi tape is next. I am currently using this while migrating my bullet journal. It’s a lovely width for marking columns with and the pop of colour makes me happy. Also highly recommended for taping parcels and (apparently, though I haven’t yet mastered this skill), making washi tape flowers. RRP £2.50

Rainbow flowers card

Your first card this month is a new discovery, a riot of rainbow flowers from the wonderful Tattersfield Designs. I can’t decide whether to send this or frame it, it’s so pretty! RRP £2.95

Sea you soon card

August also features a card from the fabulous Navistitch, which is all summery and seasidey and makes us smile. “Sea you soon” is perfect for the end of summer, too – promises to keep in touch with the friend you met on holiday, or to those people you want to catch up with before Christmas. (oops, sorry, I said the C word…) RRP £2.50

To do magnet

Last but not least, we fell in love with this awesome “to do” magnet. Almost everyone has a to-do list. We find if it’s pinned to the fridge it’s much more likely to get done. You cant help but trip over it several times a day! RRP £3.15

You have until midnight on 7 September to get your order in for our September shipment. Remember to tag us in all your stationery antics – we’re @inkdropsbox everywhere!