Ah, real fountain pen ink. There’s nothing quite like it…

I have a few purple and turquoise cartridges which I can use in my old school fountain pen (which is battered but writes amazingly). But the pen I use the most, which was a graduation present, only has blue and black cartridge options.

Then I discovered the joys of an ink converter. A neat little bit of kit which replaces the cartridge in my pen. It means I can use any colour bottled ink I choose.

The mind boggles… not least that I haven’t discovered this previously!

Anyway, having cleaned the nib and flushed through with water, to get rid of the black ink, I’m now faced with a dilemma.

Do I choose turquoise, my colour of choice for my hair, most of my clothes and at least half of my house? Or do I go with purple, which is calming and bright, but a bit different? Mint green, with its soft, pretty pastel tones, or go completely out of my usual comfort zone and pick magenta? The only colour that’s off-limits is emerald green, as that’s Annastasia’s signature colour, and I like that we have different signatures.

I’ve doodled with some fineliners for inspiration. And a mint or a teal is the colour I’m inclined towards. Not too dark, not so light that it’s not easy to read. But teal is the colour that makes my heart sing. It’s what I always choose over any other (whether for backdrops, font or painting my nails, as well as my hair).

I’m off to London for a trade show tomorrow. I think I shall stop into some of the glorious shops there and see what I can find. And if any call to me in person!