We know how it goes. The sun shines all week long while we’re busy at our desks. The weekend rolls around and it’s all cloudy skies and rain. You book a few days off work to did over the British summer has gone on holiday ruining your plans to hang out in the park, enjoy pub gardens or go for a riverside stroll.

So what’s to be done? How do we make the most of the summer while being stuck inside? Here’s what I suggest. I can’t say I follow these strictly but it’s good to have some intentions even if you don’t keep them.


  • Go out at some point in the day. Ideally, spend your entire lunch break either lounging or walking in some nearby park or handy public square. If you think you’re much too busy bear in mind something I heard on a Tim Ferriss podcast – if you’re always busy then you need to rethink your systems because they’re not working. Go on – you can spare 10 minutes for a stroll around the block.
  • An evening walk – immediately after you get in is nice. Do not allow domestic matters to distratch you!
  • Get off your bus or train early and stroll the rest of the way in. Marvel at how the world rushes past you. If you drive then find a more distant car park for the same effect. Go through your bag before you leave that day and remove anything you don’t absolutely need to make your bag lighter and your walk feel effortless. Bonus points if you stop to Instagram en route.


  • Get a desk near a window so you can admire the blue sky and fluffy clouds (and possibly open the window for a fresh breeze). If you hot desk then get in early to grab the desk you want. If you have the same desk every day see if anyone wants to swap. Make use of those paperweights you’ve been saving to anchor your paperwork to the desk.
  • If you work in a windowless room console yourself that you won’t get sunburn or have paperwork blown across your desk by a stray breeze. Try for a desktop photo or phone wallpaper featuring those elusive blue skies. Set an alarm to endure you escape to daylight regularly.

Other ideas for summer weather:

  • The rain won’t ruin Melissa style jelly shoes. Many styles are office-friendly. But the signature bubblegum scent might be a giveaway.
  • A pair of leggings in your handbag will stop you from freezing if your summer dress turns out to be not quite right for the weather.
  • Sunshine is important for vitamin D levels so get out there!

How do you make the most of the summer months?