Ahh, bullet journals. We’ve talked before about how their primary purpose is being practical. Also how it doesn’t matter whether they are pretty or not. Just as long as they help you stay organised and on top of the chaos that is modern life. (Or at least, is my modern life!!)

Having said that, it makes our hearts sing when we do see beautiful planners, and our lovely reader Sarah has sent us some photos which are the best of both worlds!

She says she isn’t an artist unless she has a camera in her hand (I know that feel!) but that she wanted to try prettifying her bullet journal. A combination of online inspiration and tracing produced these.

Without further ado, here is a peek into her bullet journal world:

This is a very pretty future log. We love the addition of the whole month squares. It means you can tell at a glance whether something is on a Monday or a Saturday before agreeing to it 🙂

Sarah traced the fox in this gorgeous, gorgeous key, and the rest all her own. She, like us, has adapted the standard bullet journal key to include her own markers. I always love seeing what other people add to theirs!

The leaf detail feels rather appropriate for this time of year. It’s inspired me to draw get my stencils out and pretty up my November pages!

We love that Sarah has taken inspiration from what she’s seen, without feeling bad for not decorating every single page.

What does your planner look like? We’d love to see!