While talking through our special edition Christmas boxes (there’s a Harry Potter one and a Get Bulleting bullet journal subscription on their way in the next week or two – keep an eye on our blog, social and newsletter to be the first to get your hands on them!), I realised that I was at Annastasia’s house, with my beloved berry BuJo in hand… and all the planning I’d done for the boxes was carefully written and taped into my old, emerald BuJo, back at my house.

It got me wondering what to do with the information I’d stashed in my old ones. And how to make sure I still have what I need while I’m out and about!

I tend to use mine like scrapbooks:

Ink Drops bullet journal scrapbook | delightful stationery, dropped through your letterbox | inkdrops.co.uk

And I hate ripping pages out of notebooks. However, I know this is something Annastasia has done really effectively with her daybooks in the past at the end of one year and the start of the next.

I plan to carry my journals through the change of the year. At the rate I’m going, I’ll fill one in a few months. Hence it seems a shame to ditch a half-full one just because it’s January 1st.

High tech and low tech

So I have found a high tech and a low tech solution.

The low tech is simply to flip through when I finish a journal and copy out essential information into spreads in the new journal. This has worked for my book lists, wishlist and business development thoughts. I never get through all of the items on those. For books read, I’m midway through a re-read of an epic 14 book series and I want all 14 listed on the same page #bookgeek).

The hi(gher) tech and arguably quicker, if less pretty, version is to photograph each page I want to keep, print it out and tape or glue it inside the new journal. I’m less fond of this. It does involve less writing and is quicker. However, it makes my journal bulkier from the start. It’s also just a bit… dull. Good for a quick fix. I find it’s good to actually go through the information and extract what I need. The alternative is just carting all of it around with me just because it exists.

See, I can do minimalist, sometimes!

How do you transfer information from one journal to the next?