It’s a week after summer solstice and it truly feels like summer is here.

The week has been fraught, which I have dealt with mainly with extensive use of the four rules, and doing only the most important things on my to-do list. But now all of that is over, I’ve been reconnecting with nature and summer. Partly by intention and partly by accident.

So to belatedly connect with the season, I’ve been squidging my toes in the grass and walking barefoot whenever possible…

…getting gloriously suntanned last weekend doing a car boot, which I always associate with summer…

and a sudden heavy rainstorm soaking me to the skin on a visit to the vet’s. My kitty did look at me with a “well, what did you expect? Karma!” expression as she sheltered in her nice dry carrier and I slid out of my flip flops multiple times in the swirling water in the car park, while trying not to drop her.

It’s all a wonderful reminder that we are gloriously alive, and this is my favourite season of all, for lots of reasons.

How are you celebrating summer?