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An Envelope of Snippets Part 30 - link round up from

Time for our monthly links roundup. Because we could all do with some distractions right now.

Bored with Netflix? Run out of cupboards to organise? Then have a look at this post on things to do with your fountain pen during the lockdown.

Surely anyone who says they don’t have trouble sleeping is fibbing? The warmer nights, current situation and all those usual worries are excellent for preventing zzz time. If you’re after an alternative to counting sheep/paperclips then this list of sleep tricks is what you’re after. We currently like 9 but are trying out the others too.

Typewriters and the time Apple decided to stop using them.

If you’re rearranging your furniture then you need the final touch. A washi tape gallery!

It’s always good to look at the health benefits of journaling.

P.S. We are now dispatching orders once a week if you need a stationery fix.