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Where’s your January going? It is as glorious as you planned? It is what it is! And every day is a new start!

If this is the year that you’ve decided to get organised these tips on using a planner for the first could be handy.

January is a time of hope. You make plans and have ideas that will make the future you better. So jot these down and send an email to future you using FutureMe. Nudge yourself back on track in a few months with a handy reminder of what you wanted to achieve.

While aimed at freelancers these tips for beating the January blues are useful for everyone. Stay busy and social people (if you can).

And if you need ideas for things to do that have a fresh start feel to them then here’s a list of changes to start you off.

Organising your own letter writing social sounds like a cool January activity.

P.S. Make it a Ha-pea 2020!