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Thank you notes have fallen out of fashion. But it turns out that both the recipient and the thanker underestimate how good they will feel! So write and thank your Aunt Agatha for the handknitted scarf today. You’ll feel good and so will she! If you need to stock up on thank you cards then check out our online shop.

On to the links

Ferris, Gaiman and fountain pens

Tim Ferris interviewed Neil Gaiman on his podcast recently which was pretty cool itself. What was even more amazing was when Neil started talking about notebooks and fountain pens! Have a listen to this episode of the Tim Ferris Show podcast.

Travel reading

When you’re planning a trip it’s fun to read a guidebook. BUT you get bonus points if you also read fiction set in your destination. This list has recommendations from ambassadors on one book to read before visiting their country and is a fantastic mix of fiction, memoir, poetry and history.

How long should a holiday be?

And on the subject of holidays just how long should they be? Is a long weekend with just enough time to send a postcard long enough? Or do you need at least a fortnight so you can get down to a serious correspondence exchange from your hotel? Science has looked at the answer and it’s a little surprising…

The productive desk

Having a desk is a brilliant excuse for having heaps of stationery so we were delighted that this article on organising your desk for maximum productivity does suggest shopping for supplies! That aside it’s a useful reminder that your desk is a workspace, not a store cupboard. Plus there are some lovely inspiration photos of desks and a link to a desk makeover post!

Handwriting practice

Handwriting is something that gets better with practice but life today is all about buttons and keyboards. This handy post has a lovely printable for practising cursive. If you’re going to go handwritten why not make it amazing!

Archive yourself

Clearing out paper (perhaps during a desk tidy!) can be challenging. what do you keep? How do you store it? Can you just shove it in a box in a cupboard… this great article will inspire you to work on the Museum of Me

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash