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Lovely links from - stationery by subscription - Photo by Max Di Capua on Unsplash

Hello September.

Welcome back with your nip in the air and excuse to buy a new pencil case. We love the way you are like an early start to the new year (so we can practice changes before we decide exactly how it’s all going to be different next year).

September Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for decorating envelopes? Or super proud of your envelope art? Check out The Edward Gorey House All Ages Halloween Envelope Art Content. Wow, that’s a long title but it’s full of cool drawings to inspire even terrible artists (like myself).

While we’re full of good intentions you could do worse than to have a read of this post about being more self aware – and then get ready to catch yourself in those bad habits you indulge when you’re not a happy bunny. Yes – being buying new stationery you don’t need probably does count (please don’t all unsubscribe at once!).

On a related note – does it seem like it’s all going pear-shaped?  Are you sure? Take a tip from the fabulous Seth Godin and keep a catastrophe journal.

Refillable felt tip pens are becoming a reality.

Still looking for your bujo mojo for September? My Inner Creative has you sorted with 27 bujo spread examples.

Why not use September to plan and kick things off big time in October. After all, the race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself. Have a delicious month as you ease yourself into the next stage of the year.

P.S. We’re having a bit of a website overhaul so do drop by and see how pretty everything is looking.

Photo by Max Di Capua on Unsplash