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It’s Christmas *turns up Slade and puts on Christmas Jumper*. The mood at Ink Drops Towers is festive. But we still have a lot to get through before the big day. As every door of the advent calendar reminds us…

So if you’re all ready then well done to you. Reward yourself with a wander through the below.

If you’re about to have a Yule panic – don’t do it just yet. Chill out with links, then make a list, focus on priorities and delegate! You’ll be fine – and as we frequently chant over some minor issue here: panicking does not give you more options.

Festive fuelled links…

Are you thinking that it would have been nice to have redecorated before Christmas? So how about using all of your washi tape stash to cover your kitchen cabinets? They’ll look amazing – trust us!

December is always a month when you look back on the last year. It’s inevitable as you look at how the fabric of your life has altered compared to your festive traditions. If you’re thinking of habit tracking next year we were taken with how good this mood tracker looks and how effective it was.

Now we’re sad that NZ Secret Santa isn’t happening this year but happy that it will be back in 2019 – and wondering about a UK version.

Christmas decorations make lovely gifts and bonus points if you go handmade! Take inspiration from this delightful round up of DIY bauble ideas. Carla’s taken with the unicorns. I want to make the gumball machines (and keep them just for me). We’re both in awe of the disco ball pinatas.

And on the subject of gifts don’t stop with decorations. Clever – and easy – but creative wrapping inspiration is at hand! Includes washi tape – of course – and toy cars.

Have a wonderful December. Enjoy every moment – whatever is happening!

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash