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Green grass and sunlight - an envelope of snippets #41 -  a links round up from

We all want to relax more right? The problem is actually doing it. I love this list of 83 ideas for rest and relaxation because they’re organised by how much time you have. I think I might make a cheat sheet so that I have a menu to pick from.

Here’s another list that has a breakdown that makes it easy to use. This post helpfully breaks down the kinds of verbs that appear on your job list. Choose from those suitable for monthly sized tasks, week sized tasks and individual tasks. I’m going to be referring back to this all the time!

Is your calendar important? Of course, it is but why? Here are a couple of lovely quotes to get you thinking about the value of being able to plan in advance.

Obviously, we find the notebooks and organisation systems other people use fascinating. This post from Comfortable Shoes Studio doesn’t disappoint.

The Confetti project asks ‘what do you celebrate?’ and looks to be a glorious source of inspiration to dip into whenever you need a little boost. Bookmark it now!