The bright sunshine this week has encouraged me to leave my desk and enjoy a lunchtime stroll. I know I should do it more often in the winter but it’s often more tempting to stay inside where it’s warm with a book to transport me to somewhere else. Even in the summer, a book can be so engaging that it’s hard to tear one’s self away.

I began to prepare for my walk packing a small bag before I began to question what I actually needed to take with me. There was no need to spend money. So I removed the purse from my bag. Then I considered my phone. I like to snap photos of interesting things while walking but I often then get distracted by checking my emails or text messages. The phone was replaced on my desk. I briefly considered a small notebook and pencil (what if I need to write something really important down?). However, I decided that I would walk unencumbered by anything other than my keys.

Off I strolled initially enjoying the feeling of lightness. I ambled through streets and across a park looking out for interesting architectural features, decorative quirks and spring flowers.

A phone free walk

Annoyingly I found myself checking in my pocket for my phone every few minutes. Clearly walking with no distractions is a skill that requires practice. However, there was a sense of having escaped. Of being alone and detached from the world. Unless I ran into a friend or spoke to a stranger there was no way of immediately sharing my feelings. And so I strolled on enjoying the sensation, and wondering who I would tell first that I had seen a daisy among the daffodils. And that is why there is no photograph to accompany this post. The only images of the experience are in my head.

What do take with you when you walk? Do you cut the cord and ensure that you can focus on the moment and your surroundings?